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For W-750-IS and W-1000-IS use this manual. The former two are mainly used for large installations like restaurants or hotels, while the passive hydromechanical grease trap is used in homes. ACO Grease Separators, also known as grease traps or grease interceptors have to be installed to trap grease and oils deposited with other wastewater components on the walls of the pipes and can lead to corrosion, blockages and noxious smells. There are three different types of grease traps; gravity, automatic, and passive hydromechanical (manual). Is a quality driven organization offering a wide range of Stainless steel grease trap, hdpe grease trap, automatic grease trap, manual grease trap, oil water separator. Cleaning frequency is dependent upon the interceptor's capacity, and the amount of incoming grease. Xiamen Pureenpower Environmental Technology Co. 2. We are grease trap provider in Penang, Malaysia. GREASE REMOVAL SYSTEM ADDITIVES The use of any additive, such as enzymes, chemicals, or bacteria, as a substitute for grease traps or interceptors or the maintenance of grease traps or interceptors is prohibited. Manual Grease Interceptors are installed where they can be hooked up to a sanitary sewer that does not mandate an automatic grease recovery unit. Company Introduce. Family Kitchen Fat oily Grease water separation. OEM/ODM and other inquiries are welcome. Equipped with 4” inlet/outlet, 2” vessel vent connection, and. , Ltd. Our Grease traps are Suspended from the ground to prevent corrosion. Automatic Grease Trap,Easy work with Beautiful Appearance! VIII. , Ltd is a professional company in researching and manufacturing the kitchen grease separator ( alternative names: grease trap. 80 likes. Grease interceptors, grease traps, automatic recovery units, grease removal devices and other similar plumbing devices receiving kitchen flows from sinks, floor drains, woks and other food. Pureenpower automatic grease trap installation manual

China Grease Trap P-T5 for Domestic Kitchen, Find details about China Competitive High Efficient Plastic Household Man, Grease Interceptor from Grease Trap P-T5 for Domestic Kitchen - Xiamen Pureenpower Environmental Technology Co. I agree. The operation of the MGI is simple. Buy best Hot Selling Small Size Plastic Grease Trap for Household Kitchen with escrow buyer protection. As known that F. Grease Trap Restaurant Version /:Multistage automatic separation technology,saving dredge cost,reduce the operating costs Automatic Stainless Steel Fat Separator For Hotel Kitchen Automatic stainless steel 304 material fat separator,High pufiry efficiency more than 95% separation. This website uses cookies to enhance your experience. Xiamen Days Hotel Hotel Xiamen Days Hotel Model: P-A150( treatment of the second, third, fourth floor guest kitchen drainage Sewer of kitchens:Above ground/Underground installation,dealing with all the waste water from placement the traditional passive separators. Manual Grease Interceptors retain wastewater long enough to allow those contaminants with specific gravitiy different than water, to separate out by gravity. 6, April Grease Trap Installation on Hinged Base 1. Established in, Xiamen Pureenpower Environmental Technology Co. The wireless model (GW-300) requires a 0/year subscription for cellular expense and online access to data. 00 each GreaseWatch 2 (Grease Trap Monitoring Alarm with Local Alarm Display). Reversing the system operation is as simple as rotating the cover assembly of the unit. Click for As a professional grease trap factory,we provide home grease traps,kitchen oil-water separators,automatic grease traps and stainless steel grease traps. The purpose of this manual is to provide instructions on installation, operation, start-up, maintenance and. Help restaurants save ging costs. The Big Dipper system design allows for maximum installation flexibility. G (fat, oil grease) is one of the main pollution source in present city drainage system. Pureenpower provides non-powered water and oil separation technology,automatic solid-liquid separation technology,and oil-water separation efficiency> 95%. The following manuals will provide information regarding, models and options, plumbing installation, unit operation, unit maintenance, and limited warranty and remedy. Pureenpower automatic grease trap installation manual

Drain Plumbing; grease traps, Grease Trap, grease trap pumping, grease traps cleaning, Grease Trap RepairFree Estima. With offices and support services in Dublin, Belfast, London, New York, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris and Kuala Lumpur the supply of grease traps under the Grease Guardian brand covers all major areas. G at source and prevent the drainage system from. , Ltd. Locate two welded nut inserts on the lower portion of the hinged base as shown in the figure. Trapzilla® Grease Interceptor Installation and Operations Manual TZ-160, TZ-400, TZ-600 Models MNL-TZ 4 TZ-600-ECA 635 pounds of grease storage, ASME rated at 75 gpm, while hydromechanically capable of flowrates of up to 150 gpm. On-the-floor installation – G Series Flush-with-floor installation – GIS Series with body vent Flush-with-floor installation – GF & GFE Series with body vent PIPING DIAGRAM EXAMPLES. In no case shall any additive that emulsifies fats, oils or grease be used. Types of Grease Traps. Manual undersink or basement grease trap to trap foodwaste and fats, oils and grease (FOGs) that may be allowed down the drain from the cooking and wash up p. Accumulated grease may be removed manually, or pumped out, generally by an outside service. Holes may be located on either the front or hinge side of the hinged base. Product Description. On a dishwasher with three tanks, bypass the final rinse cycle when permitted by code. Days Hotel | Pureenpower Grease Trap. , Ltd is a national new & high-tech enterprise Integrated researching, manufacturing, and sales environmental products. How to Select Restaurant Grease Trap |. For W-200-IS, W-250-IS, W-350-IS, and W-500-IS use this manual. Hot Selling Small Size Plastic Grease Trap for Household Kitchen(id:9405972), View quality Plastic Grease Trap, Manual Grease Trap, Household Kitchen details from Xiamen Pureenpower Environmental Technology Co. Pureenpower mainly produces kitchen grease trap,plastic grease interceptor,stainless steel grease trap,portable grease trap and stainless steel rat flap,etc. Our commercial plumbers can replace your grease trap or install one in your commercial kitchen to protect our plumbing. The three major types of commercial grease traps that are used in commercial kitchens in the United States include: Automatic oil / grease cleaning systems; Concrete gravity grease interceptors. Pureenpower automatic grease trap installation manual

Installation must conform to local code. Manual. The separation efficiency is as high as 95 percent, and the filtered wastewater discharge meets the national level 3 discharge standard. Manual interceptors (units without an automatic grease removal function) require regular checking and. Clean Kitchen———Pureenpower always with you. Call us. , Ltd storefront on. Established in, Xiamen Pureenpower Environmental Technology Co. Thank you for purchasing a Highland Tank Automatic Grease Interceptor (AGI). 99. Questions? ; Grease Trap(oil-water separator) is one of the necessary equipment in the kitchen of catering industry. O. 1. Any use of additives as a supplement to. There are many brands of equipment in the market. • Grease Trap Installation, Rev. Pureenpower grease trap is a kind of special equipment that can effectively separate and remove the oil from the waste kitchen or other oily water, to reduce F. AUTOMATIC ELECTRONIC GREASE/OIL LEVEL DETECTORS 60300A GI-A Fully Electronic SS Interceptor PageH-GRD Grease Removal Device Page 211 EGOLD-1000 Monitoring Device for Interceptors Inside Building Page 220 CEGOLD- Monitoring Device for Interceptors Outside Building Page 220 SAP Sensing & Alarm Probe Page 217 MANUAL CLEANING. The AGI combines state-of-the-art technology with time-tested materials, making it the most reliable automatic grease recovery device (GRD) in the industry. Fat separator for restaurant. Pureenpower Passive and Automatic Grease Trap/Interceptor,go to our shop for more information. Pureenpower automatic grease trap installation manual

Manual operation grease interceptors are cleaned by opening the cover, and removing grease accumulated at the top of the interceptor. Big Dipper Manuals for Automatic Grease Recovery System. Pureenpower Automatic Grease Trap removes the F,O,G from kitchen waste water automatically without motor device, no electrical consume, no chemical needed. 😍 😍. 53 likes. ,995. Each tank comes with detailed instructions for installation and monitoring. Pureenpower Passive and Automatic Grease Trap/Interceptor,go to our shop for more information. The quality and performance of each brand are very different. Big Dipper's complete line of grease traps, solid strainers, and accessories give you the tools you need to take control of your grease and solids. Pureenpower Grease Trap. We’re experienced and helpful. This is the latest improvement for grease trap that the oil/grease is automatic collected outside the grease. The Grease Guardian is a grease interceptor that traps fats, oils and grease and removes them through skimming. What is Pureenpower grease interceptor/grease trap? O. Pureenpower Grease Trap. Insert two supplied 1/4-20 x 5/8-inch phillips truss head screws into nut. 0 General Description Grease interceptors serve the purpose of separating grease from water so that cleaner water is allowed to continue on in the drainage line. MANUAL INTERCEPTOR Installation and Operating Instructions Page 3 1. Pureenpower automatic grease trap installation manual

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