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4 User Manual Page 3 of 27 Thank you for choosing a MIR MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH product. · Compatible mobile Apps (MIR Spirobank and iSpirometry) available for iOS and Android with Unlimited Online Free Updates. Wind), sources of heat or cold, direct sun rays or other sources of light or energy, dust, sand or any other chemical substances. 50 hours of continuous use, rechargeable with USB port. The user interface is fast and intuitive to operate with an icon-based. The MIR Spirobank II Basic Spirometerincludes a WinspiroPRO CD, rechargeable batteries, USB cable, Plastic Nose ClipF), carrying case, and a users manual CD. Spirobank II User manual Rev. Re-usable turbines are used with standard adult one-way valve mouthpieces. Use of a complete disposable kit (bacterial/viral filter + turbine + mouthpiece) ensures device protection, avoids cross-contamination and protects patient and. Spirobank Smart ENGLISH Ver. 5. MIR Spirobank II Essential is a handheld diagnostic spirometer measures the 6 main parameters for fast and accurate spirometry. Spirobank G User Manual cod. SPIROBANK II SMART + WINSPIROPRO SOFTWARE Spirometer with 10. 0 Since the beginning of the COVID–19 emergency, people seldomly attend doctors’ offices and avoid trips to the hospital whenever possible. INTRODUCTION 1. · Commonly, this program's installer has the following filenames: winspiroPRO.  Símbolo de seguridad eléctrica. 4 Page 21 of 57. Spirobank II User manual If the battery pack gives off a bad smell, if it generates heat, if it fades/deformes or if anything abnormal happens during storage, usage and recharging immediately remove the battery pack from the device or the battery charger and do not use it any longer, as any of these events may cause acid leakage, overheating, smoke, breakage and/or fire. Learn more here. Spirobank mir manual

**THIS PRODUCT IS FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY**The Spiroban. Page 58 Spirometer/Oximeter Device Name spirobank II Classification This Device is marked Any modifications to the Device which are not authorised by MIR will invalidate this Declaration Roma 01 / 01/ Paolo Sacco Bochetti President of the Board of Trustees. Due to printing limitations the screenshots shown in this manual may differ. The Spirobank Smart is a remote respiratory diagnostic and monitoring solution, where patients with a respiratory related illness can perform their own spirometry test at home whilst under remote supervision by a healthcare professional. · MIR devices are compatible with the use of disposable in-line filters combined with disposable turbine flow meters, as recommended by the ERS statement on lung function during COVID-19. Our built-in antivirus scanned this download and rated it as 100% safe. 0 Page 2 of 46 Thank you for choosing a product from MIR MEDICAL INTERNATIONAL RESEARCH The original packaging contains the device with the followings accessories: Accessories market with spirobank G Code spirobank G bag 672690 spirobank G device 910575 spirobank G User Manual 980205. Only 5, Accurate & Easy-to-Use. 1 Page 4 of 34 Copying this manual in whole or in part is strictly forbidden. 980200 Rev 3. Warranty: 2 Years. The future of out-of office Respiratory monitoring with MIR Spirobank Smart and Spirobank Smart Oxi. Welcome to the home of MIR Spirometry in the UK. Medical Equipment. - USB cable, carrying case, CD manual (GB, FR, IT, ES, DE, PT) re-usable turbine and software included. The App automatically connects with the Spirometer via Bluetooth Low Energy. Together with the free MIR WinspiroPRO® PC Software, the Spirodoc can wirelessly connect to the PC via Bluetooth® (or directly via USB) allowing for real-time spirometry testing, and downloading of test results stored on the device. Before using your SPIROBANK II  Read carefully your User Manual and pay attention to all the warnings and labels including all relevant information included with the product. 980026 Rev 2. · Janu Spirobank II Advanced, Spirobank II Basic, Spirobank II Smart READ ON-LINE Download PDF The Effect of Aging on Physical Performance Among Elderly Manual Workers: Protocol of a Cross-Sectional Study.  Símbolo de advertencia para el WEEE. Spirobank mir manual

UNBOX of MIR spirobank usb spirometerand installation of flow sensor. Exe etc. FEDERAL LAW RESTRICTS THIS DEVICE TO SALE BY OR ON THE ORDER OF A PHYSICIAN 1. Spirobank Smart ENGLISH 1. Selectable internal software (GB, FR, IT, ES, DE, PT) • 33514 SPIROBANK II SMART + WINSPIROPRO SOFTWARE + OXYMETER Same as above with more than 300 hours of oximetric test records (SpO 2 % and pulse frequency tests). Exe and XML_Interface. Measuring Instruments MIR Spirobank II User Manual 34 pages. Out Of Office Spirometry Testing - The Smart Way. Before you use your SPIROBANK SMART, please read this user manual, the labels and all the. This video demonstrates how to turn on and set up your spirometer for and easy and accurate spirometry test. 000 tests memory capacity, monochromatic LCD display, 6 keys membrane keypad. Must be. Manual and/or due to an incorrect use of spirobank G. User manual instruction guide for Spirobank with Bluetooth SMART MIR059 MIR Medical International Research. The App requires MIR Spirobank Smart or MIR Spirobank Oxi Spirometer to be purchased separately. Spirobank IIUser’s Manual cod. 6 Pág 10 de 34 La etiqueta muestra:  Número de serie del equipo  Nombre del producto  Nombre y dirección del fabricante  Marca CE de acuerdo con las Directivas 93/42 EEC. The spirometers series MIR 010 are sold with the Spirolab and Spirolab II names. 2 Page 7 of 60 The instrument is not designed to be used in direct air currents (e. The patient performs the test in the comfort and safety of their own home whilst being coached by the health professional via video link. Full range of MIR Spirometers including Spirolab, Spirobank II range, Spirodoc, Minispir Spirometers. To see our Spiobank range go to: This video demonstrates how to effectively perform a Spirobank spirometry test. Spirobank mir manual

0 – Mod. Perfect for use in any clinical and/or occupational health settings, the Spirolab can be used on the mains or independently with its internal rechargeable battery providing several hours of use. 0 Page 32 of 46 Through an anal ysis applied to some of the i ndices and parameters c alculated in the F VC test, spirobank G produces a variet y of quality c ontrol comments useful to understand. The single-use disposable turbines have a pre-connected mouthpiece and are individually factory calibrated and packaged. Only 5, Accurate & Easy-to-Use. The difference between the two models Spirolab and Spirolab II is that the Spirolab II model includes an LCD colour display and a full International Alphabet Keyboard with 29 characters. The program lies within Home & Hobby Tools, more precisely Healthcare & Fitness. From the display of the machine and/or from the keyboard graphics. Spirometer and pulse oximeter. Spirometry: PEF, FVC, FEV1, FEV1/FVC ratio, FEF25/75, FEV6, VEXT, PEFTIME, FEF75, FEF25, FEF50 Oximetry (optional): SpO2 (%), Pulse (BPM) Main Features:. Page 5: Description Of Product. If the instrument needs to be returned for repair the following steps. Spirobank G User Manual cod. 1 Intended use The SPIROBANK II spirometer and pulse oximeter is intended to be used by a physician or by a patient under the instruction of a. G. 1. 980009 Rev 1. 980026 Rev 2. MIR Spirobank II User Manual Download Operation & user’s manual of MIR Spirobank II Measuring Instruments, Medical Equipment for Free or View it Online on Al. Includes: Spirobank II Basic Spirometer, Re-usable turbine, Noseclip, USB charging cable, User manual (on CD), WinSpiro Pro PC Software, Carry pouch MIR Spirobank II Advanced Product Code: MR-911020E1. The device is intended to test lung function and can make spirometry testing in people of all ages, excluding infants and neonates. Spirobank mir manual

This is a Quick Guide on how to set up your Spirobank (old version) and get ready for an easy and accurate spirometry test. Spirobank Manual de Usuario cód. Battery power supply (3,7 V-1100 mA lithium) with an autonomy of approx. The MIR Spirobank II® Basic can be used with both re-usable and single-use disposable turbines.  Set the device configuration (date, hour, predicted set, language, etc etc) as described in paragraph 2. Rev. Setup instructions, pairing guide, and how to reset. The Spirobank Smart is a professional, bluetooth, app-based spirometer designed for the remote testing of respiratory patients. The MIR Intermedical Spirolab is a highly portable and compact solution for diagnostic spirometry. Copying of this manual in whole or in part is expressly forbidden. Since the beginning of the COVID–19 emergency, people seldomly attend doctors’ offices and avoid trips to the hospital whenever possible. The Spirodoc® Spiro measures an array of selectable parameters and gives a PRE and POST bronchodilator comparison. This software is an intellectual property of MIR Medical International Research. · MIR Spirobank App Mobile App (iOS and Android), for real time spirometry and oximetry test, directly on your Smartphone via Bluetooth Smart 4. Its pocket size design with rechargeable long-life battery make it ideal for use in situations where remote testing is required. The Spirobank II® Basic is a handheld, portable diagnostic spirometer designed for use in environments where it’s only necessary to take basic measurements of the main spirometric parameters. Humidity: MIN 10% RH; MAX 95%RH Electrical Safety Standard IECApplied norms Electro Magnetic Compatibility IEC 60601- FUNCTIONING OF THE SPIROBANK II Keyboard The spirobank II keyboard is composed of 7 keys: spirobank II User Manual cod. INTRODUCTION Intended use SPIROBANKSMART spirometer is intended to be used by a physician or by a patient under the instruction of a physician or paramedic. 980200 Rev 2. 2. Spirobank mir manual


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